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You, dear reader, are very important to me.

Every single day, I am creating stories. I enter an imaginary world, setting off on adventure, traveling alongside my characters on long woodland paths lit with sunshine, down hallways narrow and bleak and into dark caves that smell of decaying leaves. I am looking closely. I am listening, hoping and praying my characters will whisper their secrets, will reveal their heart’s desire. In story as in life, our heart’s desire leads the way. My journey is in the telling of the story. My heart’s desire is to tell it good, so good you’ll want to hear it, read it, and hold it in your heart forever.

I’d like to introduce you to Carolina Harmony. She is the main character in my debut novel. I spent several years in her world, and she became precious to me. When the published book launched, I had to watch her fly away. It was hard to see her go, but off she went and just about everyone who meets her, loves her. I think you’ll love her too.

Speaking of flying, take a close look at the book cover. You’ll see that Carolina is wearing a pendant. It’s a cat bird. Her daddy carved it for her. He’s the one who tied the knot in the leather string the night they were gazing at stars. Carolina wears it every day.

The cat bird flies into the book on the very first page and I like to think it served as Carolina’s guardian angel, at least for that summer, the summer that this story takes place. Let me know if you think so too.

To contact me, click on the link above or, if you get the gumption to do so, write a real letter, and by all means, mail it. It’s a special treat to hold a letter in my hand, to know it traveled all those miles and was delivered to my mailbox. Seeing your handwriting will be almost as good as seeing your smile.

I’ll write back. I promise. Then you’ll be holding a letter (a real one) in your hand.

Thank you again for visiting my website. Please stop by again. New stories are coming.

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